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I'd like to see you even try to make me leave. It'd be fun to rack up another one of your failures on the already long list.

Empyira to Letus, A Curse is Born

Title Goddess of the Sun
Debut Appearance Birthrights
Final Appearance None
Used By None
Gender Female
Current Age 12000+ (immortal)
Home Village None
Status Active
Affiliations None
Relatives Zindiga (brother)
Letus (brother)
Allies Polaris
Adversaries Letus
Weaponry Bow and Arrow
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame None

Empyira is a deity in Tartaronian culture, known as the goddess of the sun and eternal light. She reigns supreme on a moon named after her, however is still a pure Tartaronian.



Unlike her siblings and ancestors, Empyira never held destructive or malicious desires, commonly seen as an eternal light of hope on New Tartarus. While she prefers to remain neutral around ongoing wars, she is far from afraid of defending herself. She believes in mercy and giving one a second chance, however she would never even dream of surrendering to anyone. Empyira's often considered the weakest from her godly heritage due to being completely different from the others, although she has proven time and time again that she is much more deadly than Letus and can even hold her own against her brother Zindiga.



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Second War of Three WorldsEdit

Empyira remained neutral during Mercuritris' rampage, never becoming involved with the conflict.

Scourge's RetaliationEdit

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Character RelationshipsEdit

Zindiga (brother)Edit

Empyira is commonly on good terms with Zindiga. Unlike Letus, she is never in conflict with him. At the same time however, they don't like being near one another.

Letus (brother)Edit

To be filled.

Polaris (niece)Edit

As a young child, Polaris often felt abandoned and lost due to Letus showing much more favoritism towards Eclipse and Anne for a time. Her only source of comfort was being with Empyira. Despite being from completely different generations they are viewed as best friends rather than aunt and niece.

Notable QuotesEdit

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Empyira's key advantages and disadvantages are questionable. Those who have even been present during one of her few battles wouldn't even be able to tell what happened, due to Emypria's blinding light speed.

Fighting StyleEdit

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Bow and ArrowEdit

Empyira is most comfortable with archery-based weapons. She doesn't use a specific bow all the time, more commonly creating a new one out of thin air whenever she needs one. Her accuracy is impeccable, never missing a single shot unless distracted.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Godly Heritage: Literally being a goddess, Empyira naturally possesses the normal abilities of one, including enhanced prowess and most notably immortality. Her most seen appearance is as a girl in her early teens.
  • Light Manipulation: Empyira's control of the light spectrum is among the strongest of anyone to ever exist. The light she can create can be as dim as a burnt-out bulb or as searingly blinding as a star itself. She can move at speeds equal to that of standard light, bend light around herself or others to create the illusion of invisibility. Her most well-known attack is an enormous beam of light she refers to as Incandescent Glow, which is hot enough to burn through anything in its path and to completely blind anybody that so much as glances at it for even a second.


  • Incandescent Glow