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Debut Appearance TBA
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Notable Weaponry Unnamed Drill
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G-Power 2500 G
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Variations Rutilus
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Procella (full name: Advanced G3M-002 "Procella" V1) is the custom MechFrame of Raidne.


Speed and superb shielding reinforce Procella's extreme durability and maneuverability. Her systems are specially designed for defense, however Procella has enough raw strength to crush any defenses used by its opponent. Its arm activates a laser drill that is impossible to block with mere shielding alone.


Procella has an identical personality to Raidne's, though she has a slightly more controlled persona. She is extremely enthusiastic and wants nothing more than to get out onto the battlefield and smash anything in her path.


Procella has yet to debut.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ignescens Drill: The opponent's defense (I.E. any abilities that can counter or prevent your actions by any means) type abilities and gates are removed from the game. The opponent loses 800 Gs for each one removed and the opponent cannot gain more than half of their base level during each of their turns, nor can Procella lose any more than that exact amount.
  • Crimson Bloodshed: Procella's opponent can no longer gain any G-Power if you are on an opponent's gate that hasn't opened yet. The opponent's gate is also removed and replaced with one of yours after this initial effect is completed.


  • Procella is the Latin translation for storm.