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I have real scores to settle, accounts to clear, and people to get rid you honestly think that I have the time and patience to face a fraud like you?


They say my son's spirit burns as hot as fire and as bright as its can only hope he is using his inner fire to prevent wrong.


Regicide Arcturus Matricea
Regicide Humannew copy
Debut Appearance TBA
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Used By Valentin
Gender Male
Current Age 20 (Physically)
4000+ (Reality)
G-Power 1300 G
Title Wildfire Wielder
Weapon of Choice Wildfire
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
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Family {{{family}}}
Allies Celestial
Titans of Matricea
Adversaries Dementia

Regicide (Full name: Regicide Arcturus Matricea) is a Pyrus Aranaut of Matricea and one of the many children of Omnicron and Alariatte. With that, he is a Titan of Matricea, and the younger brother of Matricea's current king, Celestial.



Regicide is an extremely short-tempered and unhesitant Bakugan. He prefers rushing into things and taking care of problems almost immediately while they are small in his eyes. He also hates working with others, and is very rough on even those in his family.

Regicide, however, is said to have once had a personality completely different from the nature he has now. He was known to be even more kinder and more caring, and would help anyone out in need. He was also described to have not been rash a long time ago. What caused the immense change in Regicide's attitude is a not shared secret that only many Matricean Bakugan know about.


Family and RelationshipsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pyrokinetics: Regicide can manipulate fire in different aspects, and can use it to accomplish his tasks. He can create storms of fire with just a movement of his hand, and can also control fire through any weapon, which includes his blade Wildfire. Regicide is also capable of starting fires with the flick of his wrist, and can create even storms of fire.

Fighting StyleEdit

Being impatient and always rushing in things, Regicide prefers to attack his opponents head-on, but is surprisingly successful at this approach. He despises working with others, but will with quite of handful of his family members. While not strategizing before battle unlike his siblings, he is capable of exploiting his opponents strengths and weaknesses in battle, and can take his adversary or adversaries down from there.



Wildfire is Regicide's sword, with a red pommel and an unnaturally orange blade. It can be used to be control aspects of fire when in Regicide's hands, and his hands only. The sword's blade is extremely hot, and be described as "hot as the flaring sun". It's blade is very sharp and cannot be worn out, and it is completely immune to the element of fire.

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